Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pushing through the log jam

My stalemate is slowly moving forward and I couldn't be more excited! I finally got some space saver bags to test on my dinosaurs. If this works out then I can dramatically reduce my shipping costs and get these guys sold!

The rains are decreasing and we finally have grass in the backyard! Yesterday the girls played barefoot in the soft greeness of it all. It was fun to watch as they giggled and wiggled their toes in it. The garden is in too and growing steadily. Now all that is left is to seed the front and we will officially have a yard to play in. In the meantime neighborhood kids are coming out of the woods (so to speak) and we are having a fun time learning of the playmate possibilities for the summer. Not that we've left much time for ourselves to relish in the old traditions of summer neighborhood play... This month is already spoken for and a busy July lays just over the horizon.

Unfortunately in all my business I failed to sign up for the Vancouver marathon this year, but I am signed up and ready to race with Andrew in a 10k mud-run. Fun right? I'm pretty excited about it!

Then last, but certainly not least, I have found my calling to get a bit more cash flow in the house as a party planner. I love doing it for my girls and family, so it's perfect. All I have to do is make up a company name, print some cards and away I go!

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