Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Cards running late...again

Every year I say, "This will be the year everyone will get our Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas!" and every year I fail miserably. I think last year I didn't even get them out at all. I figure once mid-July comes around Christmas cards are really a mute point.

So just before I open Word and actually write out my post-holiday cheer I thought I'd write a quick blog for a touch of inspiration. It comes to no surprise to me that after my marathon and nursing my foot I am finding it hard to start up a running routine again. Running is many things if not one of the most frustrating of all exercise possibilities. I was barely able to run 3 miles yesterday. I couldn't believe how fast I lost all those months - practically a year - of hard work. But just before I got to the point of beating myself up over it, I took a step back, inhaled deeply and reflected...

I ran 3 miles. This time last year I could hardly run 1, but what is important to remember here is that I ran. I can run. Sure I ache and with my foot I have yet another ailment to be irritated about, but if I am being completely honest here I would probably lose interest if this all came easy for me. Where's the adventure if there's not some kind of struggle to overcome, right?

My heart goes out to a very dear family member of mine who, due to a series of unfortunate events, has found herself in a temporary state of disability and of all the people in the world who can read this, I hope she is one. Today, tomorrow, and the days to come I run for her. I run through my selfishness and self doubt knowing her struggles are greater but not without hope. I run to let her know that in time she will run too (yes run) and sometimes we have to go through the bad days to really appreciate the good ones.

In the meantime I give a shout out to all the women in my life: Osteoporosis is not an old woman disease. Educate yourself. Love yourself. And have a great start to a new year.

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