Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It must be nice being a dog

As I come to a stopping point in my crafting madness, but still a bit buzzed from the coffee overload I partook in at 5pm, I reflect...

To say the least, I am so excited for my first holiday bazaar. However, I am a poor manager of time and this, I am afraid, is an extreme understatement. I didn't want to be working like mad up to the last second and yet here I am neglecting the gym, using the TV to put my children in a lobotomized state of complacency so I can sew in the next room and not walking the dog.

Ah, Artex. When Erick brought him home last Christmas as a gift to me I cried with joy. Soon I began to cry out in irritation and anger as he chewed his way through my floors and any possible wiring he could put his mouth on and yet, no sparks. Lucky dog. Having lost his cow bone, a few days back I got Artex a soft plastic toy I was hoping would subdue him in the coming week as my crafting load was shifting into overdrive. He immediately tore it up and ate most of it spending this week with diarrhea and more whining than usual.

While I sat hand sewing closed some stuffed dinosaurs, I shook my head and started to feel a little sorry for him. All he wanted was attention. A simple walk. I instead gave him a 'pacifier' because I am too consumed with my doings. To make me feel worse, it backfired and gave him a belly ache and just at the moment of complete sympathy Artex, who was previously sleeping off his boredom, yelps and looks at his butt. I stop and watch as he excretes some of his toy. Gone completely crazy from boredom, or just because he is a dog, Artex is once again chipper and happy to see he has his toy back and begins to play with it despite where it just came from. Does he know?! Because he obviously didn't care as he thought we were going to play catch as I grabbed a rag, took it forcibly away and settled down to do more sewing.

Do not fret. He got his walk in and he got an extra bonus of going to the dog park. Ah, the life of a dog...

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Rachael said...

All I can say is I totally feel for you. Hope the craft fair went well! Let me know when the next one is coming up!