Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Designing, learning, and love

Ideas flow through me like coffee on a long road trip... for awhile there's nothing. Then, you have to go. Right. Now.

Some ideas work out, some don't, while others wait patiently in my sketch pad or on a scrap piece of construction paper swiped from the girls' art closet to be put into real life. I find that when I get overwhelmed with ideas I often do nothing which, obviously, complicates my situation.

I have accepted that over the past few months old sheets rock my world and much to the horror (or relief) of my husband, who often thinks of me in the beginning stages of hoarding (minus the filth), I've begun to make use of those sheets I wouldn't let go of or the millions of buttons I keep in jars, which justifies me keeping it all.

My latest idea has finally come into reality. It's great. It's exciting. It has huge possibilities. Now what to do with it... Hang on to it until I find a toy agent who could guide me through the business? Sell it simply at bazaars and hope no one takes the idea to China? Or maybe try to find someone who knows someone, if you get my meaning (because I know no one)?

I love designing these toys and the process that goes with it and the best part of all of this is that I'm just starting! Who knows what I will come up with next! In the meantime I am off to sew my legacy as the "Dinosaur Lady"... which, by the way, I have come up with some pretty spectacular new patterns I am itching to try out.

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, but above all, breath.

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Rachael said...

You rock Amy! Keep it up!