Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Past 7 Months

With all of my running (literally and metaphorically... but mostly metaphorically) I forget to stop and take a moment to fill my writing void. My first intention was to back log the last 7 months and highlight the... well, highlights. But my head is so full of now I find that task a current impossibility. So here is what is happening in my universe (realizing I didn't send out Christmas cards this year, I also hope this post can make up for that somehow):

Erick has found a new passion with woodworking and he's pretty good at it. I think selling one of his 3-D puzzles at a bazaar helped him out of his shyness to share his work with the world. Now he has designed a puzzle for niece Laiken as a wedding gift and is planning out more projects for the future. I do have to make a note here, when I said he sold "one" puzzle you have to understand he only had the one to sell, because I am without doubt that if he had more he would have sold those too.

The girls are girls. Busy. Ornery. Loveable. Cute. What can I say about a 6 and 5 year old other than they make my life complete and every day is an adventure whether I am up for it or not. ;)

I am in the middle of making dreams come true, party style. I plan on creating a few more blogs to highlight my makings. What?! Yes, I know that keeping up with this one has not been completely successful but if I succeeded in all my doings then what would be the point of a New Years resolution? For now you can check out my facebook pages: Dream-A-Theme Parties, LLC and Mountain Shore Craftworks. I also have an etsy shop with Mountain Shore Craftworks also. Lots to do, keeping super busy, but I work hard today so later I can play.


kyersten said...

I didn't know you had a new post. I hope Erick keeps up with the cool wood work projects! We LOVE the fish puzzle he made us and Laiken proudly displays her wedding gift! I can relate to not keeping up with my blog...maybe tomorrow?

ErickShore said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a new post either. You should put it on facebook when you update it.

Kyersten,I'm glad you're enjoying the puzzles!